This is how the Mayan ruins look like during COVID-19

Chichen Itza, the wonder of the world had to stop due to the COVID-19 and travelers stayed with the desire to discover this amazing place. Even the most important event in the Archaeological Zone had to be canceled; the Chichen Itza Equinox. This is how the Mayan ruins look like during COVID-19, stay with us, and keep reading.

Chichen Itza remains closed since March 20th, the site has been in maintenance since then. Only authorized personnel can enter.

Chichen Itza

“Keep the grass short in this rainy season is essential for the preservation of Chichén Itza. We keep on working! The pandemic doesn’t  stop us from doing our job of protecting cultural heritage”

Say _ErnestoJrz a twitter user.

It is so important to keep doing maintenance works in all the Mexican Archaeological sites because they represent our culture and history. Chichen Itza used to receive thousands of visitors per day. Currently, there is no specific date for the reopening of Chichen Itza.  Due to the pandemic, the archaeological sites will be last in opening for the public. Because of the virus, at the moment it is not safe to open again.

Uxmal Yucatan

Yucatan possesses a wide variety of Mayan Ruins such as Uxmal which is also being in maintenance works during the pandemic. If you want to know a bit more of this amazing place, read our post “Uxmal; Mayan Ruins in Yucatan

“This is how we maintain the Pyramid of Magician in Uxmal this quarantine. Weeding from my fellow guardians”

We hope that all of you stay safe, and soon we will be able to admire Chichen Itza again. Thanks for reading “This is how the Mayan ruins look like during COVID-19”