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What is the Private Chichen Itza Tour about

Do you want to enjoy a day with your family or friends? A trip to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza with our Chichen Itza Tour might be the best option for you! Why not discovering one of the new Seven Wonders of the World? Learn more about the UNESCO World Heritage and be impressed by the stunning buildings of the Mayan culture.

Traveling in private transportation and having a guided tour will make your day trip perfect. Get to know more about the phenomenal architecture as well as their mathematical precision and astrological advances thru our private Chichen Itza Tour

With the Chichen Itza Tour you can also visit the Ik Kil Cenote where you can rest and observe the stalactite and of course relax in the turquoise waters.

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Valladolid Yucatan Church

Private Chichen Itza Tour Prices

Num of Adults 1 - 8 9 - 16
Total Price $555USD 910 USD
Cenote Ik Kil Valladolid in the Cancun to Chichen Itza Tour

Suggested Itinerary

It is a 2 ½ hour ride to get there. We suggest a departure between 7 to 10 am. Stay there for 2.5 - 3 hours. Walk in the town, buy a few gifts, have lunch at one of the restaurants in Chichen Itza, head back to Cancun early or go to Valladolid to see a small town. It is a great place to take a few photos in the park. It is up to you! (You get the vehicle for the length of your tour.)

What is Included in the Private Chichen Itza Tour

  • Round trip air-conditioned transportation exclusively for your group
  • English speaking driver
  • Toll Road and Parking fees
  • Free time at the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza
  • Cooler with ice, purified water & beers

Not Included in the Private Chichen Itza Tour

  • Food & Beverages at the restaurant
  • Entrance fee to the Cenote
  • Entrance fee to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza
  • Tips

Private Chichen Itza Tour Prices

Num of Adults 1 - 8 9 - 16
Total Price $555USD 910 USD

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