Casa Jaguar Tulum

Take a Private Chichen Itza Tour from Casa Jaguar Tulum. This place began as a small restaurant in the Tulum Jungle. Today it is a multi-faceted dining experience & cultural venue. In the jungle of Tulum, there is Casa Jaguar, an open space where decoration and atmosphere will awaken your senses. The food, place, and concept is influenced through trips, stories and family memories made by Asia, Europe and Mexico, collecting every single detail you find inside. Music is very important for us, becoming an essential element from the moment you enter the place.   Resultado de imagen para Casa Jaguar Tulum Tulum to Chichen Itza provides you with the best Chichen Itza Tour you can do. It will take you to a magical place that’s worldwide known but still keeps some secrets from people… With the Chichen Itza Tour you’ll take a trip back in time to the magnificent history of Chichen Itza, Mexico where you will be the one leading your story. Meet the anecdotes and live a memorable experience in this wonder of the modern world; witness the astronomical and mathematical precision of its buildings, and experience the surprising acoustic effects in key places that the certified guide will indicate. Vibrate with the mysticism of the “Chichen Itza Cenote” Cenote Sagrado Azul in Ik’Kil, while you swim in its refreshing waters, and conclude your visit with the delights of the gastronomy of Yucatán. Then you’ll be able to visit Valladolid Yucatan, a really beautiful colonial town in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula where you can eat some snacks too or do some local shopping. The Chichen Itza Entrance Fee is not included but you can check pricing on the link. You can also find more info on: Chichen Itza Information. The Chichen Itza Tour Prices are:
Num of Adults 1 – 3 4 – 7 8 – 10
Total Price $345 USD $445 USD $545 USD

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