A Mayan legend behind Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza it’s not only part of the wonders of the world. This magnificent Mayan city has been hiding a lot of precious treasures like all those beautiful temples, and some stories to talk about. Today I will tell you a Mayan legend behind Chichen Itza including other Mayan cities like Uxmal and Mayapan.

Let’s start talking about what Sac-Nicte means, this Mayan name means white flower. She was born in Mayapan: the powerful alliance that lived in peace Mayab, Uxmal, and Chichen Itza. Canek means black serpent, a brave prince with a kind heart. The legend says that when he turned 21 years of age, he was chosen as king of Chichen Itza. That same day he met princess Sac-Nacte. She was 15 years of age. Both quickly fell in love. But, Sac-Nicte was destined to be married with young Ulil, prince of Uxmal.

These two young lovers realized that would be difficult stay together. Following, the legend says that a young adviser to the princess told Canek that Sac-Nicte would be waiting among green flowers and that it would be necessary to fight for her before destiny fought against them.

The most anticipated day

On the day of the wedding, Canek arrived with 60 of his best warriors and climbed to the altar screaming Itzalan! Itzalan! As if he was on the battlefield and stole the princess from the altar. Ulil, enraged, launched a war: Mayapan and Uxmal against Izta. The itzaes abandoned their homes and temples in Chichen Itza. Leading the way was King Canek, hand-in-hand with his beloved Sac-Nicte. The Uxmal and Mayapan armies found an empty Chichen Itza, left dead, abandoned by its citizens.

This legend represent some of the iconic events in Mayan culture, a great story to tell all your friends. But first, don’t forget to visit Chichen Itza to live this experience. Come alive again all those Mayan stories.

Thanks to having read a Mayan legend behind Chichen Itza!

Original taken from: Hacienda tres rios